Phonetic algorithm to identify duplicates in Dynamics 365!

Duplicate Detection add-on for Dynamics 365:
Introducing a phonetic algorithm to identify duplicates!

As a business, having accurate and organized data is crucial to your success. It enables you to make informed decisions, maintain good customer relationships, and improve overall efficiency.
Manual data management, however, may be time-consuming and prone to errors, particularly when dealing with large amounts of information.

Introducing a smart feature that makes data management effortless by detecting duplicates based on how they sound.

This add-on uses a phonetic algorithm based on Metaphone 3 to identify duplicates based on the sound of the name, rather than relying on exact spelling.

The phonetic algorithm works by converting words into their spoken sounds, regardless of their spelling. For example, the names “Smith” and “Smythe”, “Katherine” and “Katharine” and “Robert” and “Rupert” would be considered duplicates because they sound the same, even though they are spelled differently.

This makes it easier to identify duplicates and eliminates the need for manual data management.

If you are not using the Duplicate Detection add-on for Dynamics 365 already, feel free to try a free trial from AppSource or book a demo and we will gladly show you how this newly added feature works and the other features of the add-on.

Some additional information that you should know; the add-on is running 100% inside your system, there is no external access to your data and it can also be used on custom data-driven apps designed in Power Platform.

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