Streamline your patient data management with Data Quality App for Healthcare

Healthcare providers often need to manage competing priorities while also delivering the best level of patient care possible. Without access to accurate and timely information, healthcare providers can struggle to make decisions, and they risk making the wrong ones in lifesaving scenarios.

Data Quality App for Healthcare is a tailored solution built with the unique challenges of this industry in mind. With pinpoint accuracy, it streamlines access to patient information, eliminates errors and redundancies, and rebuilds providers’ trust in their systems.

With confidentiality, reliability, and accessibility as key driving factors, Data Quality App uses standardized data formats and offers a fully-embedded experience within Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

Solution overview:
  • Accurate data helps healthcare providers deliver the right messages at the right time in patient journey
  • Comprehensive functionality including advanced duplicate detection for exact and close matches, customizable data quality rules, and error prevention
  • Microsoft Preferred solution on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace
Core benefits:
  • Improve data quality
  • Prevent, detect, and manage duplicates
  • Centralized access to data across multiple units
  • No external data storage or access

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Data Quality App for Healthcare

Accurate data helps healthcare industries to deliver the right messages at the right time in patient journey.

Advanced Duplicate Detection, Data Quality Rules,
Phonetic Detection for Dynamics 365 & Power Apps.

Microsoft Preferred solution on Microsoft AppSource
and Azure Marketplace.

Improve data quality

Prevent - Identify - Merge

Phonetic fields

Fully integrated

No external access to local data

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Making decisions easier and more accurate

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