Streamline your Customer and Supplier Relationships with Data Quality App for Manufacturing

Accurate CRM data is crucial for manufacturing companies in driving sales, understanding customer needs, and developing products. It helps sales teams engage effectively with customers, manage sales pipelines, and identify opportunities for growth.

For manufacturers, reliable CRM data is essential for tracking orders, managing inventory, and coordinating with suppliers. Customer service operations also benefit from accurate data, enabling representatives to provide timely and personalized support.

Without a comprehensive solution for data management, manufacturing companies can struggle with inaccurate sales forecasts, inventory management issues and missed sales opportunities. With inaccurate customer data, marketing efforts would also become less effective, resulting in lower conversion rates and wasted resources.

Tailored to fit the needs of forward-thinking manufacturing companies, Data Quality App combines leading innovations in AI and data management with deep industry knowledge to eliminate data complexity, and empower decision makers to analyze and act upon their insights with ease.

Solution overview:
  • Ensures accurate data for effective communication throughout the manufacturing process
  • Offers comprehensive functionality, including advanced duplicate detection, customizable data quality rules, and error prevention
  • Microsoft Preferred solution available on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace

Core Benefits:
  • Improves data quality for better decision-making
  • Prevents, detects, and manages duplicates
  • Provides centralized access to data across multiple departments
  • No external data storage or access required

By choosing Data Quality App for Manufacturing, companies can streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. Join the future of accurate data management in manufacturing today!


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Data Quality App for Manufacturing

Take your data quality management to the next level.

Advanced Duplicate Detection, Data Quality Rules, Phonetic Detection for Dynamics 365 & Power Apps.

Microsoft Preferred add-on on Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

Improve data quality

Prevent - Identify - Merge

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No external access to local data

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