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Microsoft Preferred add-ons provider located in Hellerup, Denmark.

We are passionate about delivering add-ons for Dynamics 365 & Power Platform. Providing simple, easy, and valuable solutions is one of our core values. Our mission is to help companies reach full capabilities without getting sucked into unnecessarily complex features, and we are obsessively passionate about delivering our add-ons this way. The benefits of our technological know-how are combined with enthusiastic, and personalised service.


Our unwavering mission revolves around empowering businesses through the finest add-ons available in the market. These cutting-edge tools enable companies to streamline their sales and operations, freeing them to concentrate on their core activities while reaping additional value. Our commitment extends to employing our specialized expertise in delivering sustainable add-ons to our valued clients, thereby assisting them in fully unlocking their business potential.

Continual investment is at the heart of our approach, ensuring that our add-ons and expert team remain at the forefront of innovation. We dedicate resources to optimize and certify our offerings, aligning them seamlessly with the latest advancements and features. By doing so, we stand as a dependable partner, propelling businesses toward sustained success on a global scale.


Honesty - Every interaction with our people, customers, and other stakeholders is infused with honesty and integrity.
Excellence - We place quality above all else, in behavior, work, and life. We strive for excellence and take pride in our achievements.
Straightforward and open-minded - We trust and respect our people allowing them to seamlessly cooperate with other teams and customers alike.

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