From On-premise to Online migration for 3 Hi3G Denmark

3 Denmark, a trailblazer in the telecommunication and internet service sector under the Hi3G brand, has always been at the forefront of embracing innovative solutions. 

Our initial venture into Microsoft CRM was constrained to an onPremise deployment, reflecting the technological landscape of the time. However, with Microsoft’s strategic pivot towards an ‘Online-first’ approach, the benefits of cloud deployment have become increasingly clear, offering unmatched advantages over traditional OnPremise setups.

The introduction of Techdio’s fixed price Migr8 service was a game-changer for us. The low-risk, comprehensive package removed any barriers to migration, making the decision to proceed an easy one. Techdio’s promise to migrate all data (Delta 1 + Delta 2) along with our customizations was an attractive proposition, and they delivered on it exceptionally.

The efficiency and professionalism shown by Techdio throughout the migration process were remarkable. The migration of all our data and customizations was completed swiftly and without any hiccups. The open lines of communication kept us informed and engaged throughout the project, contributing significantly to the success of the migration.

Post-migration, the benefits have been palpable. We’ve noticed improved system performance, enhanced data security, and a reduction in maintenance overheads. The cloud deployment has also facilitated better scalability and accessibility, allowing us to adapt more quickly to changing market demands and customer needs.

Furthermore, the switch to CRM online has enabled us to leverage advanced analytics and AI capabilities offered by Microsoft, leading to more informed decision-making and improved customer experiences. We have seen a measurable impact on our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction since the migration.

For any organization considering a similar transition, we wholeheartedly recommend Migr8 from Techdio. Their expertise, commitment, and customer-centric approach stand out, making them a reliable partner for such critical projects. This migration has not only enhanced our technological capabilities but has also positioned us to continue leading in innovation and customer service in the telecommunication sector.”

This expanded version elaborates on the tangible benefits experienced after the migration, the professional conduct of Techdio, and the strategic advantages gained by 3 Denmark post-migration. It also recommends Techdio’s services based on their effective execution and the positive outcomes of the project.

Philip Jørgensen, Business Data Manager at 3

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