Data Quality App: How to add a Data Quality Dashboard

To enhance the data quality monitoring experience for your required form, you can add a Data Quality Dashboard.  This guide outlines the steps to accomplish this task:

Step 1: Navigate to Advanced Settings and Customize the System

1. Access the Dynamics 365 environment.

2. Navigate to “Advanced Settings” in the main menu.

3. Within “Advanced Settings,” find “Customizations” and select “Customize the System.”

Step 2: Select the Desired Entity and Form

1. From the customization options, choose the relevant “Entity” on which you wish to add the Data Quality Dashboard.

2. Once you’ve selected the entity, proceed to open the desired form associated with it.

Step 3: Add an Empty Section and Web Resources

1. Within the opened form, locate the area where you want to incorporate the Data Quality Dashboard.

2. Add a new, empty section to the form.

Step 4: Populate Web Resources with Information

1. In this step, you’ll be adding the necessary web resources to the newly created section. Populate the web resources as follows:

Web Resource: cow_/Forms/cow_dataqualitydashboard.html

Name: QDR

Label: QDR

• In “Web Resource Properties,” select: “Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters.”

Step 5: Save, Publish, and Access Your Dashboard

1. After adding the web resources and configuring their properties, save the changes made to the form.

2. Publish the changes to ensure they take effect.

3. Your Data Quality Dashboard is now ready to use! Access it through the required form by opening records associated with the entity you customized.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully integrate a Data Quality Dashboard into your required form, enabling better data monitoring and enhancing the overall user experience.


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