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Testimonials – Mødrehjælpen

Mødrehjælpen is a humanitarian organization that provides counselling and support to pregnant women and families with children. Being an NGO, the organization is using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to keep track of its assets. At Mødrehjælpen, CRM provides an overview of:

  • Memberships and donations
  • Fundraising activities focusing on recruitment of new members and donations
  • Invoicing based on membership/donation data in the CRM system

Anette Thorup, fundraising manager at Mødrehjælpen, says: “CRM is a crucial application for our organization. A recent Microsoft update had caused some CRM error related to plugins, tissue had to be fixed immediately. We contacted Techdio for assistance. They responded straight away and took action with a sense of urgency. In close cooperation with us, they took ownership of the task. It’s worth mentioning, that the task Techdio had to solve was rather complex, but they managed to find a satisfying solution. I warmly recommend Techdio’s skilled team to those who need assistance.“

Anette Thorup
Fundraisingchef, Mødrehjælpen

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