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Support service agreement

CRM without interruptions

Techdio A/S offers monthly subscriptions at a fixed price. With this service, we can provide remote support in resolving CRM-related issues.

We offer two different support service options. You can opt for a standard or an extended support package. The figure to the right provides a quick overview.

Support service agreement


In addition to support services, we also offer two different add-on service packages.
They help to prevent errors and minimize interruptions. The figure to the right
provides a quick overview.

Remarks on add-on services

Maintenance add-on covers the following monthly services:

  • Log file cleanup
  • Storage capacity analysis
  • Scribe updates, rollups and hotfixes
  • CRM update rollup
Addon to Support agreement

When selecting the Scribe add-on agreement, a monitoring job is set up that covers monitoring critical areas in the integrations that are responsible for most interruptions. Techdio Support gets automatically notified and takes action in the following cases:

  • None of Scribe jobs are running
  • Scribe jobs are running, but errors are returned
  • Posts are not retrieved from specified intermediate tables as planned

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