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Data integration

Give your employees a good start

Through integration of your preferred CRM solution with local applications and services, your employees will always have updated customer information at hand.

Easy and timely access to correct data will contribute to a more efficient and smooth workflow in your company.

By importing all the relevant data into a CRM system, you will improve overall productivity and CRM user adoption.

Scribe as middleware

We use Scribe data integration tool, one of the most popular and reliable solutions on the market. As a Scribe subcontractor, we are authorized to provide support related to Scribe products. Our team has extensive experience working as Scribe consultants.

We have data integration experience with the following systems:

  • Microsoft CRM
  • Salesforce
  • NAV
  • AX
  • C5
  • Access database
  • MSQL
  • Web services
  • Diverse løsninger med åbn API
  • XML
  • M3
  • SAP
  • Oracle

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Data integration

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