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Consultancy services

Data is the new oil

Customer data has become the most valuable resource – the oil of the digital era. The world’s largest companies do not any longer deal in oil, but in data (Google, Amazon, Facebook etc.). They extract and process raw data. These data giants are probably just as strong today as oil companies were for a hundred years ago.

How to get the most from your data?

We can help you to integrate customer data to/from CRM and get a better customer overview.

Core Competencies

  • Data consolidation and integration to and from CRM – Read more
  • Data migration between different CRM solutions, ex. from Salesforce to Microsoft – Read more
  • CRM configuration, adjustment and add-ons (Microsoft and Salesforce) – Read more
  • CRM migration from onPremise to Online or vice versa – Read more
  • CRM ’needs’ analysis
  • CRM upgrade
  • Infrastructure/Azure
  • Training and support