Work with duplicate-free data!

When your sales reps work with duplicate-free data, there’s no guessing about whether a colleague is already qualifying the same prospect. Also, your reps can count on having all information in one contact record, instead of hunting for more details in a duplicate record.

It’s important that your sales teams feel confident that you’re managing Dynamics 365 and delivering features with your teams’ trust and success in mind. When your CRM system is free of duplicate data, your reps trust that the data is clean and worthwhile.

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Co-selling Duplicate Detection with Microsoft

We are excited to announce that our Duplicate Detection Addon has been approved for Co-Selling by Microsoft!

This means that our addon will be promoted by Microsoft and made available to their vast network of customers.

Duplicate Detection is a must-have for any company that uses Dynamics 365, as it prevents duplicates from being created in the system. This can save valuable time and effort when cleaning up data, and ensures that only accurate and up-to-date information is used.

If you are interested in trying out our addon, you can find it in the Microsoft AppSource, or you can contact us directly to learn more…

TIAA Bank – Road to a better data quality

TIAA Bank is an American diversified financial services organization under the auspices of New York-based TIAA. Based in Jacksonville, Florida. TIAA Bank provides banking, mortgages, and investing services throughout the United States Offering more, so you can accomplish more.

“We always had an issue with the out of box duplicate detection rules within Dynamics CRM. The main limitations included only 5 rules per entity, taking 24-36 hours to publish the rules since we had over 2 million contact records “ When we started looking for alternate solutions, we found the Duplicate Detection add-on.

We requested a trial, applied to Sandbox environment, were satisfied with the outcome for several reasons outlined in their website. After purchasing, we had some un-intended issues, but the team supported and remedied quickly.

We have been using the product for several years now, no issues so far and highly recommend to other companies to detect, remove, merge duplicates across their business-critical data. A great thing is that the add-on keeps continuously improving with new features.


Satya Puvvada
IT Software Developer Sr, Enterprise Products

Boehringer Ingelheim Denmark

Techdio has been our preferred partner for few years in connection with our Dynamics 365 project.

The team has continuously been excellent in helping us with the various Dynamics 365 tasks, customizations, integrations and including a complete data migration from Dynamics 365 Onpremise to Salesforce Veeva.

The migration itself was performed using different migration tools as the data model was different but still delivered as a fixed price project. All our changes and requirements were resolved quickly and fully. I find both the communication and the collaboration very pleasant. Techdio’s level of competence is high – they understand business and are well rooted in the technology. I hereby give my best recommendations.

Mogens Jakobsen Business Excellence Manager Nordics